KubeCon EU 2024: Day Two — Embracing the Hallway Track

Steve Wade
3 min readMar 21, 2024


Day Two of KubeCon EU 2024 in Paris has unfolded unexpectedly yet profoundly gratifyingly. In a conscious effort to seek balance amidst the bustling conference environment, I decided to limit my time in the busy areas, opting to attend just a single talk. This deliberate choice opened up a day rich in conversations and meaningful interactions, reminding me of the essence of community and connection that drew me to KubeCon in the first place.

A Shift in Focus

After feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the event on Day One, I pivoted towards the “hallway track.” The change in pace allowed me to engage in one-on-one conversations and small group discussions, an experience that proved to be both illuminating and grounding. In these impromptu gatherings, away from the glare of the main stage lights, I found the kind of deep, personal engagement I had been missing.

Recognition and Connection

One of the most humbling aspects of the day was being recognised by fellow attendees. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to be approached by people who know me from TGIK, the Google Kubernetes Podcast, and various meetup talks. Their eagerness to discuss topics like GitOps and building self-service platforms, seek advice, and share their experiences was a stark reminder of the impact of sharing knowledge within our community.

The Value of Community

The conversations ranged from technical deep dives into GitOps best practices to broader discussions about the evolution of self-service platforms. Each interaction reminded me of the collective wisdom housed within the KubeCon community and the power of sharing that knowledge. The opportunity to directly impact someone’s work or understanding of a concept is both a privilege and a testament to the importance of community-driven events like KubeCon.

Reflections on the Day

As I reflect on today’s experiences, I am struck by the contrast between yesterday's overwhelming vastness and today's intimate connections. The hallway track has reinforced my belief in slowing down and being present. It’s not always about how many talks you attend or how many notes you take but about the people you meet and the conversations you have.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Feeling recognised and valued by my peers has been both a blessing and a humbling experience. It has underscored the importance of community and the role each of us plays in nurturing it. As KubeCon continues, I am reminded of the power of personal connections and the impact we can have on each other’s lives, professionally and personally.

Today has been a powerful reminder of why I fell in love with this community. As we move into the final day of KubeCon EU 2024, I carry the lessons learned and the connections made. The power of the hallway track cannot be underestimated — it’s where the heart of KubeCon truly beats.